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Diet Only Packages

A solid diet and proper nutrition are huge parts of your overall success. You can't out-train a poor diet! Let Gillian put her nutritional knowledge to work for you. Each of the programs below is designed to get you off on the right foot.

Fat Loss Plan

3 month diet program


One time consultation with 12 week diet plan

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals & identify possible obstacles.
  • 12 week diet & nutrition program with grocery list.
  • Follow up consultation with personalized feedback at the end of 12 weeks.
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Monthly Coaching

3 month nutrition program


Same as Fat Loss Plan but with personalized monthly coaching

  • Initial goal consultation.
  • Detailed diet plan sent each month to keep you on track!
  • Check-ins each month!
  • Follow up consultation with personalized feedback at the end of 3 months.
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Contest Prep Diet

3 month nutrition program


Nutrition program for contest prep. Weekly check-ins!

  • Initial consultation plus weekly check-in consultations with Gillian to make sure you’re stage ready!
  • Each week Gillian reviews your weight, measurements & photos. Then she adjusts your program as needed.
  • High level of interaction!
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Diet PLUS Training Packages

The programs below are perfect for the athlete preparing for a competition, a body builder getting ready to step out on stage or a fittie needing to tighten up for a photo shoot. Gillian has decades of experience and has personally prepared for all three. Let her guidance get you in peak condition!

3 Month Program

1 Consultation per month 


Ideal for self-starters who require less guidance.

  • Complete nutrition & training program emailed each month.
  • Monthly diet & nutrition program with grocery list.
  • Consultation once a month to make adjustments to nutrition and training routines.
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Pro Package

12 week complete package


Photoshoot or competition: Gillian will have you ready!

  • Consultation to discuss your goals & challenges.
  • 12 week diet & nutrition program with grocery list.
  • Follow up consultation with personalized feedback at the end of 4 weeks.
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Personal Training

Training session with Gillian!


1 hour in person training session with Gillian!

  • Learn proper lifting technique through demonstration
  • Find out what routines work best for your body.
  • Whether you're new to fitness routines or a seasoned veteran, Gillian can help you improve!
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Posing Session

Posing and presentation!


90 minute session with Gillian to show posing techniques

  • Demonstration of stage poses for physique and bodybuilding
  • Stage presentation is critical for every competitor!
  • Gillian will help you with your confidence & presence!
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Russell’s 6 month Transformation
Jamie’s contest preparation!
Kristen - 32 years young!
Hear from Kristen:

“As melodramatic as it sounds, my life changed in September 2011 the month I became a personal training client of Gillian’s.  Doing the same exercises over and over, I stopped seeing results, had grown bored with working out, gained weight and became desperate to find a new routine that worked for me. I was unhappy with zero confidence and embarrassed to look in the mirror.

Going into my first session with Gillian, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t know a kettlebell from a barbell, and thought “Helen,” or “Fran” were simply names of my family members, and had never sat on a rowing machine.  By December, I had an unassisted pull-up. I could do “real” push-ups. I shed inches and pounds. But most importantly, for the first time in quite a while, looking in the mirror was a source of pride, not embarrassment.

Gillian’s more than just a gym owner, coach and trainer. She cares about each client and puts much thought into customizing a program that works for the individual.  She’s encouraging, (displaying so much excitement when a client experiences any accomplishment), extremely thoughtful and kind and makes working out fun. She’s grown to become one of my closest friends. Meeting her for a consultation was among the best decisions I’ve made.” – Kristen

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