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Be Self-Confident

Aug 14, 2014

Self-confidence is also imperative. Without confidence in ourselves, others will lack confidence in us as well. By confident I do not mean boastful or arrogant, but rather a quiet, internal confidence, one that says, “I’ve got this – reach for the stars, take big leaps, teach others along the way, lead by example and be proud of what you put your name on.”

My IFBB Pro Debut

OCT 27, 2014

Here I sit on a Monday morning around 8:30 AM. I’m dropping cold oatmeal on my keyboard, I’m chugging my water out of a gallon jug, all while attempting (poorly) to multi-task. This is peak week. For those of you unfamiliar this is a term used for the week of a bodybuilding / figure / physique contest. In 5 short days I will step on stage for the first time as an IFBB Women’s Physique Pro in San Diego California at the IFBB Ultimate Warrior’s Pro Women’s Physique Olympia Qualifier. I am buzzing with excitement as the long awaited day finally approaches.


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